Programming with React Online Private Group Learn coding with React one of the most powerful libraries in Java Get A Free Trial Overview React is considered to be one of the most modern and one of the most powerful libraries in JavaScript. Used across websites such as Facebook and Instagram, it also provides some built-in […]

Holiday Gift Guide for Tech Kids


With the holidays upon us, many are looking for not just gifts but good gifts. Here is a list of gifts that will assist children to grow their tech minds and have the longevity to help them for years to come. Let’s get the list of robot lovers. Sphero BOLT- The Sphero BOLT is great […]

Robotics with ROBOTS!

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The word “Robot” first appeared in the year 1920 and was used in Russia and comes from the word “robota”. Then the term robots mostly meant something that could work for you, in some ways the meaning is similar but what we understand as robots today has also changed in many ways. Today we use the […]

Robotics With Arduino

Robotics with Arduino Online Private Group Use sensors, circuitry, and code to create your own simple robots. Get A Free Trial Overview This course gives students the tools to turn abstract ideas into reality  Students start learning and programming the Arduino from the very first session instead of covering abstract theories. As robots are an […]