3D Character Design

3D Character Design Online Private Group Using Zbrush, Maya and Blender create amazing 3D sculptures and 3D prints. Get A Free Trial Overview With the ease of 3D printing and its many uses, as well as having a low barrier of entry 3D modelling has become more and more sought after by many. This course […]

3D Printing with TinkerCAD


3D Printing with TinkerCAD Online Private Group Create your own 3D models for 3D printing Get A Free Trial Overview This course is for those who are interested in 3D design but are unsure where to start. Using TinkerCAD, students will create their own characters or objects. Kids who also have a 3D printer already […]

Similarities in 2D and 3D animation

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Believe it or not, 2D and 3D animation share many more similarities than differences, of course, the method in which they are created and the aesthetic look of the two can be quite different but other than that there are many related principles and rules that they both share.   The main similarities and most […]

The Confusing World of Frame Rates in Video


Frame rates are in theory a simple concept, they are the amount of images or frames that are shown on screen for every second, some of the more common frame rates for movies and games are 24,30 and 60 however it only gets more complicated from there! Before computers when television shows were broadcasted to […]

How To Get Started in Animation

Animation is like all forms of art, whether it be graphic design, web design sculpting or even video editing to some degree. The nice thing about getting into art is that whatever avenue you start with it will lend itself well to the next faction of art you want to pursue, this is why many […]

Drawing exercises to improve your skills: One Line Challenge


Many artists and art teachers or websites may give you a plethora of advice to improve your artistic ability but this challenge is a fun one, the challenge is the One Line Challenge sometimes also called Continuous Line Challenge.    What is the One Line Challenge? The One Line Challenge is well, drawing your subject […]

Drawing exercises to improve your skills: Blind Contour Drawing

Many artists and art teachers or websites may give you a plethora of advice to improve your artistic ability but here is a drawing exercise that can help you improve your perception in a unique way. This concept is known as blind contour drawing.    What is Blind Contour drawing? Blind contour drawing is an […]



Podcasting Online Private Group Start your own podcast and share your thoughts with the world. Get A Free Trial Overview This course serves as an introduction to podcasting and broadcasting Students will learn how to record, edit and upload their voices for podcasts, broadcasting or voice overs. Great for students who want to create a […]

Digital Illustration

Digital Illustration Online Private Group Draw anything that your mind can imagine with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Get A Free Trial Overview Beginner students will learn the basics of drawing, and more advanced students learn to refine their artistic ability. Learn skills that translate to all creative fields from traditional 2D drawing to video editing, […]

Character Design with Adobe Photoshop

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Video games have come a long way since they were first introduced over five decades ago. They are now considered one of the most popular forms of entertainment in today’s society making it imperative to keep up with current design trends and techniques. It’s obvious that video games have become much more sophisticated and complex. […]