What is Arduino? Part 1

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I’m sure you’ve heard of Arduino but aren’t sure what it is. If you don’t, that’s completely OK. I’m here to clarify. It’s crucial to understand microcontrollers before diving into Arduino. Microcontrollers are small computers that are integrated circuits. They are capable of running basic software programs. They use less energy and can run for […]

The Confusing World of Frame Rates in Video


Frame rates are in theory a simple concept, they are the amount of images or frames that are shown on screen for every second, some of the more common frame rates for movies and games are 24,30 and 60 however it only gets more complicated from there! Before computers when television shows were broadcasted to […]

How To Get Started in Animation

Animation is like all forms of art, whether it be graphic design, web design sculpting or even video editing to some degree. The nice thing about getting into art is that whatever avenue you start with it will lend itself well to the next faction of art you want to pursue, this is why many […]

What Exactly is Coding?

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Most people know the term coding and have a pretty good idea as to what it is generally but here is a better breakdown and understanding of what coding is and why it’s so powerful and amazing to learn. Coding is simply the act of instructing a computer or piece of technology to do something. […]